Most of us are worried about the different kinds of virus that we have in our environment and it is not getting any better since that it could be about the droplets or the local transmission that is happening around your place. Others would rush to the pharmacies to buy a kn95 masks as they believe that this one could help them to feel better and be protected against the virus especially when they need to go out and to work outside their home since that there is no vaccine available as of the moment. Of course, aside from this kind of action, you need to make sure that you are going to do some certain actions like preparing your sanitizer or alcohol and avoid touching those things in public places and at the same time, you need to get away from those people who are sick or else you will get their diseases and you will be subjected to discriminations since that you are suffering from those kinds of symptoms.

Most of the professional doctors would recommend people to avoid going out so that they can prevent from having contacts to those people and this is the best way to get rid of the chance that you will be carrying the virus as well to your family members when you go back home. You should try to get away from those people who are sick as you don’t want to have a bad feeling after contacting them. You need to wash your hands very well with the soap that contain anti-bacterial content so that it can kill the germs and other bacteria that it has there. If you are feeling not good because you went out the other day, then you need to monitor yourself by having a good quarantine protocols like not going out of the house and better to stay in your room only for fourteen days and if you think that you are not getting better, then you need to call the attention of the professional doctors who can help you.

It may sound that you are trying to discriminate them but actually you are trying to keep yourself healthy by keeping some distances when they are trying to sneeze in front of you or when they are coughing so hard. If ever, you need to wash your arms and hands right away with the best soap so that you can guarantee that the bacteria and germs would not stay with your hands and fingers before touching anyone in your family. Avoid touching your face with your hands even if it is a bit itchy, you can use a clean tissue to do it.

If you need to go out to buy something or go to the bank, make sure that you will always wear your mask and bring some alcohol in a small bottle. Another thing is that you need to keep social distancing from others as this could be the one of the best methods that you can do right now.