An online marketing agency helps its customers develop their digital marketing strategies and also, it helps to develop high-quality leads as well as potential clients by curating and creating content for the marketing campaigns of the client. To make things easier for the online marketer, marketing automation may be utilized in order to make the processes in marketing even more efficient and smoother. The following are some of the ways online marketers can carry out automated online marketing into the current marketing projects: 

  1. Track Visits to the Websites of Your Clients

If you automate online marketing campaigns with web-tracking software included, online marketers may easily insert pixels and links onto the different pages of the customers’ websites. These tracking devices can definitely help the digital marketer determine what pages of their website are actually visited the most frequent and which content clients are the most hooked with. As a matter of fact, by knowing this information, online marketers can optimize any pages or content which aren’t getting the traction which others might be receiving, which will also increase the overall interaction and presence with the website of the clients. 

  1. Take SEM/SEO a Step Forward with Signup Forms

SEO and marketing are basically the two most significant pieces to any online marketing tactic. Unpaid and paid ads campaigns basically serve to make potential clients aware of their services and/or products and then, bring the clients to the company’s associated landing page. However, these ads do not really serve much use or reason aside from bringing visitors onto their landing pages. By using the marketing automation platform, online marketers may basically use ads and take a step further by getting target audience to sign up in order to receive communications from your company or business. With that being said, signup forms can actually be made in the automation platform as well as be placed on their landing page to gather contact details that will be then stored in the platform for future purposes. 

  1. Automate Posts to Social Media

Online marketing may also include any marketing made at social media. Some platforms in social media already include scheduling and automation functionality such as Facebook and Twitter but with the automated digital marketing platform with social media automation capabilities. Having said that, you can also centralize all your automation in one location. Using these built-in devices, an online marketer can also schedule and create several social media posts which will be published or posted days, weeks or even months down the road. 

  1. From Pay-Per-Click to Signups to Automated Digital Marketing Campaigns

Once the traffic to your website, driven by the pay-per-click (PPC), has interacted with a signup form seen on your landing page choosing your clients to receive messages from the company, online marketers can definitely create targeted and automated marketing campaigns to deliver it to them. Lastly, with an automated digital marketing campaign offered by web design Santa Rosa, marketers can schedule and create a group of messages to be delivered to leads over time.